Recover time. Align staff resourcing with point of care.

Do you ever think 'there's got to be a more efficient way to do this' when it comes to managing resource schedules in clinical care areas? Even with enterprise scheduling software in place, day planners, booking binders, excel spreadsheets, and sticky notes are everywhere. We can help you solve this.

How It Works

Used by Alberta Health Services, University Health Network, University of Toronto, and others.

In a department of 50+ clinicians, it is often tough to perform resource management and distribution to the level required.. Even with traditional HR scheduling applications in place. You need to manage staff leave time, rotations, shift swaps, and on-call tracking. All while keeping an eye onclinic or room closures. And let’s not forget all the organization and union guidelines. Plus the various cost center tracking requirements for projects and clinical trial work. Things can quickly get out of hand.

While spreadsheets, binders, and printouts can work, they are not efficient. They often lead to manual duplication errors, missed details, and lengthy back-and-forth communication. You waste hours cross-checking manual systems instead of focusing on providing care.

What if you had a tool that could do everything you need? It would show you clinician hours and resource bookings (rooms and equipment). Identify deficiencies with staffing ratios or competencies. What if it could alert you of scheduling issues in real-time? Our application suite does all that for you, so you can focus your time where it is needed most – on patients.

Our Current User Experience

eSummit saves time through efficiency in scheduling and communication… creating transparency in the department
Chris Birk
Manager, Rad. Therapy - Cross Cancer Institute
eSummit saves our department five administrative days per month
Margaret MacIsaac
Sr. Financial Analyst - Tom Baker Cancer Centre
eSummit allows us to proactively schedule the right complement of learners into our diverse clinics​
Dr. Rebecca Wong
Vice Chair, ED. - University of Toronto

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Say No to Whiteboard and Spreadsheet Scheduling

Work smart.  Clinician hours, resource bookings (rooms and equipment), deficiencies with staffing ratios or competencies at a glance. Focus your time where it is needed most – on patients.

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