Comprehensive View of
Daily Resourcing

View all department assignments at a glance. Manage operational and project task assignments. Identify gaps or problems replacing required resources immediately.

Schedule staff to work areas, activity groups, clinical trials, call teams and more. 

Track daily clinic schedules, room closures, and equipment maintenance schedules.

View detailed information on individual staff assignments.

Chris Birk

Manager, Radiation Therapy – Cross Cancer Institute

We used to manually write out the staff schedule on three large white boards. This was time consuming, error prone and difficult to interpret.

eSummit saves time through efficiency in scheduling and communication. eSummit eliminates errors creating transparency in the department. Now if someone wants to know where someone else is working they just log in to eSummit and look where everyone is scheduled rather than having white boards away from the treatment unit where the front line staff need to be.

Manage Recurring, One Time and Ad Hoc Clinic Events

Improve your patient care environments with real time awareness of clinical demand, capacity constraints, resource availability, assignment, and utilization. 

Define competency
Optimize space and
employee distribution

Assign providers (including learners)

Manage clinician – patient ratios (EHR integration required for some features.)

Dr. Rebecca Wong

Vice Chair, ED. – University of Toronto

We are an academic program with diverse groups of learners from observers to clinical fellows. Assigning all of our trainees into their clinics, matching staff and learner absences, ensuring the right balance of learners into each clinic used to be a time consuming and challenging exercise. Not only has the administrative burden reduced by several folds, clinic specific alerts help us proactively schedule the right compliment of learners into our diverse clinics.
Furthermore, reports can be generated based on the users needs; for physicians, learners and the program providing metrics to support teaching dossiers, and data for program evaluation and process improvement. A big thank you to the eSummit team.

Streamlined Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rosters

Manage roster information in the time-frame that works best for you. Easily access clinic information, employee exceptions, employee leave information, casual availability, and assignment from a single view.

Individual and/or team based scheduling directly to the point of care.

View full or partial department, team, work area, or individual rosters.

Additional resource details available by hovering over an item.

Margaret Mac Isaac

Senior Financial Analyst, Clinical Research – Tom Baker Cancer Center

Using eSummit assures us that hours spent on clinical trials are recorded and complete.

By adopting eSummit we are saving four (4) days per month a financial analyst’s time and one (1) day per month of the senior financial analyst’s time increasing the capacity of our financial team.

An added benefit for all staff and management is that we can see at a glance who is working and who is out of the office. The management reports that are part of eSummit gives leadership important information to ensure that we are in compliance with all existing union agreements

Simplified Vacation Management

Achieve a fully electronic employee leave process. Improve communication and decrease the time required to complete annual and ad hoc vacation requests, reviews, and approvals.

Manage vacation based on department, team, or skill set. 

Track trends, peak request times, and unapproved leave.

Set up rules for auto-approving, seniority sequencing, and communication.

Trusted by 2000+ End Users.

Say No to Whiteboard and Spreadsheet Scheduling

Work smart.  Clinician hours, resource bookings (rooms and equipment), deficiencies with staffing ratios or competencies at a glance. Focus your time where it is needed most – on patients.

A Better way To Do Business

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