1 Plan

eSummit has extensive reporting capabilities. Resource utilization by work area/team/staff member; overtime trends; work area and/or activity costing; shift cancellations; and, more.

Functionality within eSummit allows for a completely electronic employee leave process. Rules can be set up for auto-approvals, seniority sequencing and communication routing.

eSummit focuses on resource management and distribution at the point of care. The application is complementary to enterprise scheduling and HR systems. Allowing you to achieve a completely electronic process flow.

2 Schedule

Yes, that’s exactly what it means. With eSummit, staff can be scheduled to work areas, activity groups, appointment tasks, clinical trials, call teams, and more.

Yes, eSummit is highly configurable and able to incorporate all logic associated with union agreements and organizational guidelines.

Yes, eSummit has the functionality to track any type of resource. Allowing you to include clinic schedules, room closures, diagnostic equipment maintenance, and more.

3 Manage

Absolutely. Within eSummit users can track an entire shift, or portions of a work day to separate cost center(s) if required.

Yes, eSummit can produce timesheet reports in electronic or printed form. You can also set it up to automatically send the information to payroll applications.

Yes, eSummit has the functionality to track patient – care team ratios. Please note, to enable this integration with your electronic health record (EHR) is required.
[Note: this functionality does not include personal health information (PHI).]

Yes, eSummit can manage the tracking of staff competencies. The system can also manage the competency requirements tied to room and/or equipment resources.

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