The Journey

I started my career in healthcare working as a Radiation Therapist. It was in that role, back in 2001, when stalled union contract negotiations resulted in a forced job action.  I now had to manage “the roster”; and, coordinate clinical service delivery for an entire cancer centre. 

I very quickly discovered the heavy administrative burden that front-line managers felt. There was so much unrewarded time, effort, and stress that went into daily assignments. There had to be a better way. 

An exhaustive search for a solution came up empty.  So, I decided to create the solution myself and the idea for eSummit was born. 

After resigning from my clinical position, I started on a journey to learn all things IT. I can still remember the long hours that I put in at the library. Learning software and database design, application architecture and health system best practices. It was 2004 and google was fast becoming my new best friend. 

As time went on, I supported my growing family by working in various healthcare IT roles. Eventually working my way up to becoming a clinical enterprise architect for one of Canada’s largest health systems. I never gave up on the desire to fix the daily assignment process. After many years and many long hours, eSummit was finally ready for prime-time. In 2013 we completed a successful proof of concept at one of the Cancer Centres. 

Then, in 2014, I decided to go ‘all-in’. 

The eSummit platform now supports thousands of users – across some of Canada’s largest healthcare organizations. We are persistent in our mission to reduce the administrative burden on clinicians.  Daily scheduling in a complex clinical area should be transparent, effective, and simple. 

Jeff Budden, Founder/CEO

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